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About Karmic Predictions

Indian seers and saints have made various scientific principles that were helpful for the progress of an individual and society as a whole. Indian society has sixteen rituals(solah samskara) to perform from birth to death.

The main aim behind these developments was for human being so that they can live their life with comfort and discipline. Astrology is said to be the eyes of Vedas, used for performing any auspicious deed like puja, marriage, house constructions, new business establishment, Growth of established business etc.

Problems and obstacles are caused by deeds that a human perform in his lifetime. Good or bad situations arise by the deeds that an individuals has done before is the base of Astrology. Astrology is helpful in reducing problems that arise due to misdeeds of previous births.


Mr. Narayan Govindan.
Jyotish Ratnam from Kerala.

He was a well known astrologer who did numerous ashtamangalya prashna and dev prashna in kerala and other states of india and was a master in prashna kundali.


Shri Dilip Devhare.
Well known astrologer and vaastu expert.

Dr. N. H. Sahasrabuddhe.
Vaastu vidya vachaspati..


Mr. Jay Panicker.
Chemical Engineer
Vedic astrologer and vaastu pandit.
practising since last 11 year's in and around india and does consulting abroad.