Prashna Kundali

What is Prashna?

Prashna is a Sanskrit word which means a question or query.

The astrologer answers that question with the help of planetary positions at the time of question and ‘Aaruda’, which is obtained using ‘Kavadi’ (sea shells).

Astro Remedies

Remedies refers in astrology to use of agama and kriyamana karmas to lessen the malefic situations in a persons life.

Remedies exists for every planet ,the methods are endless. In vedic shastras its all about Mantras, Ratna and Daan.

Mantras means sacred syllables,hymns,prayers which from the heart ,recitation and resonace of the mantras plays a major role.

The chanting of mantras may go for days,months or years

Wearing of gemstones do bring in a lot of relief to the person whose have an adverse time in ife.

Daan-Donations done in appeasement of the plants in terms of food and charity work.