Vaastu Analysis

Vaastushastra mainly deals with two energy sources, the solar energy flux and the geomagnetic energy flux. Enhancement of positive energy and subtraction of negative energies are the sole purpose. Every attempt is made to improve the positive effects of the four parameters = Vibrations, Waves, Sound and Light. Vaastushastra acts like a bridge that connects the inner and outer spaces that correlates self to the nature and is the key to flower the divinity.

Vaastushastra deals with eight directions,five great elements and energy streams.Nature itself is controlled by the same five great elements. A classical movement of clockwise directions while approaching the house is the main thumb rule which determines the positions of doors and entrances. Balancing of the five great elements with least disturbances is the sole purpose of vastu analysis. Any voids or imbalance in these parameters leads to a failure of energy of the house where disrupted networks of energy loops loose the power of aspirations.

Vaastu solutions

Vaastu rectifications are done on the basis of identifying fault,in terms different rectification methods. Solutions are done as per colours, stone cladding,wooden panelling,level difference,metal therapy, forms of pyramids.

Vaastu interiors

A home is designed on the virtues of vaastu principles as in the modern era its a reflection of changing lifestyle. We create homes in a an aesthetic design solutions, which are an easy combination of contemporary life style and ancient vaastu principles.